• 18 Nov 2021
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Article Summary

Connect is the entry point for your data and how MAIO interfaces with your data-producing assets.

Data Sources

A data source can be any physical device (such as a press, a robot or a furnace), a database or even another piece of software.

MAIO supports many native connectors such as,

  • MQTT
  • Modbus TCP
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus RTU
  • SQL databases
  • ...and many more


In the Connect app you can see a list of all the tags that belong to a given data source.

The MAIO Edge Agent

We developed the MAIO edge agent to meet the connectivity needs of our customers. It is a secure and lightweight piece of software that can run on a wide range of devices (from a Raspberry Pi to a poweful server).

As part of our onboarding process we work out your connectivity requirements and provide you with ready-to-go edge devices with our edge agent installed. Once plugged into your automation network the agent automatically connects to your MAIO deployment and starts streaming data.

Alternatively, we can also install our edge agent on hardware of your choice if that is preferred.

What's Next