Alarms Widget
  • 18 Nov 2021
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Alarms Widget

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If you want to display a list of boolean tags along with their last recorded state then the alarms widget is for you.

Boolean tags in industrial assets are often used as indicators for a machine's operating status. For example, there could be a general alarm boolean tag, a temperature warning boolean tag, a process-finished boolean tag, and so on.

The alarms widget allows you to select the boolean tags you are interested in and then displays them in a table view along with the state (true/false) and the time and date that this state was recorded. Furthermore, you can also change the text and colours associated with each state for a given tag.


To create an alarms widget:

alarm creation dialog

  1. Click add a new widget
  2. (Optional) Give your new widget a name and description
  3. Under "Visualisation Type" select "Alarms"

alarm widget selected

The new alarms widget will appear on the SmartBoard ready to be configured.


Open the configuration page by clicking on the blank widget (when first created) or via the three dots menu in the top right corner of the widget.

alarms widget blank config

Widget Details

You can change the name and description of the widget by editing the relevant fields in the settings tab on the right hand side of the configuration page.

Create a Query

Widgets that can display ingested data need to be configured with at least one query. A query specifies the tags to use and the data source those tags belong to.

To create a query:

  1. Click "Add Query"
  2. In the dialog that pops up, select the data source you want to use and then click "Save"
  3. With the data source selected you can then add the tags you want to display on the widget

Tag Configuration

With the alarms widget you will only be able to select boolean tags from your chosen data source.

To add tags to your alarms widget:

  1. Browse through the list and choose the tag you want to add
  2. Click on the "+" icon to confirm your choice of tag

alarms widget add a tag

  1. Continue adding tags in this way until you have added all the tags you need

alarms widget tag added

With all your tags added you can now customise their settings to fit your use case


Adding an alias to a tag will change the display name of that tag in the widget's table view. For example, if we select a tag called "General Warning" and set the alias to "General Warning Alias" the latter string will be the text displayed on the actual widget rather than the tag name itself.

alarms widget tag alias

Alarm When

This setting tells MAIO what value to associate with an "alarm" state. This can be set to "True" or "False".

Alarm Details

By default the alarms widget will display the text "Healthy" when a tag is in the non-alarm state, and the text "Warning" when a tag is in the alarm state. In addition, standard colours of green (for healthy) and red (for alarm) are also applied as default.

To edit these settings for any given tag:

  1. Click on "Alarm Details" for a tag to open up the editing dialog

alarms widget details dialog

  1. Change the text for each state by editing the relevant fields
  2. Change the colour for each state using the colour picker
  3. Click "Save" to apply your changes

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