• 24 Nov 2021
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Article Summary

Welcome to MAIO's user documentation.

In these pages you will find everything you need to use all of MAIO's capabilities.

What is MAIO?

MAchine Input/Output meets AI = MAIO

The MAIO platform was developed to help industrial users realise their digital transformation ambitions. These ambitions depend very much on you, your organisation and your industry but some common themes we currently support include:

  • Understanding where your process becomes inefficient,
  • Monitoring fleets of industrial assets,
  • Providing operators with rich dashboards based on machines and processes under their watch so they can make better decisions
  • Catching anomalous machine operations before they fail

Whatever your needs, MAIO is prepared to offer you all the important functionality you need:

  • Connectivity to your industrial assets to bring that operational data into a usable resource
  • Visualisation capabilities to explore your data and provide rich dashboards to you and your organisation
  • Data exploration for analysts using Jupyter notebooks
  • Serving up your machine learning models so that they can actually be used in your operations


Functionality in MAIO is organised into applications (apps) accessed via the MAIO home page.

Core Apps

Every MAIO deployment comes with the following apps:

  • Access Manager: control who has access to MAIO and what they can do whilst there
  • Connect: manage your connected assets
  • Model Manager: upload your machine learning models
  • SmartBoards: create accessible visualisations for your use cases
  • Studio: access the full capabilities of MAIO with integrated Jupyter notebooks

These apps provide MAIO’s core functionality (hence Core Apps) and with them you will be able to make a great start on your digital transformation journey.

More Apps

MAIO’s modularity means that when you need extra capability for a specific use case you can just add an app. Furthermore, with access control you can also tailor the MAIO experience to the needs of your individual team members.

The App View

Most MAIO apps use a standard layout making it easy to get to grips with the platform.

Entity View

On the left hand side we have the entity or list view. Here you can browse through all the relevant entities within that app (e.g. datasources in Connect, notebooks in Studio and so on).

The entity view can be collapsed when it is not needed.

Main View

The right hand side is devoted to displaying the main content of a particular app; in SmartBoards the main view shows the selected SmartBoard while in Studio the main view shows the currently active notebook.

Collapsing the entity view frees up more space for the app’s main view.


Even though we have a pipeline bursting with new features, we are always keen to hear feedback from our users about their experiences and features they would like to see in the platform.

What's Next